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Friday, July 27, 2007

a day in Venice... Well, actually two

Haven't posted many photos of Italy. We took over 800 photos on vacation. You'll have to excuse me, I have a litttle blogger ADD. I will jump from here to there, so you have to be able to follow... I know us women have a natural skill for this so it should be easy peasy.

Venice was magical. The crowds and the heat sort of detracted from the magic a little, but there were moments of true enchantment.
My favorite was a beautiful concert of Antonio Vivalid's "Four Seasons." He was from Venice and had actually played in the hall. There was period dress (without the wigs, because it was too hot). My sons both loved it, and my husband said it was the highlight for him. We missed the first half of the concert because we decided we weren't dressed appropriately for a formal concert and went back to our hotel to change. Then, we got lost trying to find it again. We looked good, but sweaty. I was surprised to see so many people in baseball caps and shorts and tees... my boys were saying, "See, we were dressed fine before!" that was when we reminded them that we are visitors and must always show respect and admiration.
I was reading "In the company of the Courtesan", by Sarah Dunant, it is historical fiction and takes place in Venice during it's greatest time in history. I loved reading about all of the places and bridges that we crossed every day. Even the palaces are the same.
While in Florence I read another book by the same author: "The birth of Venus." I highly recommend doing this when visiting Europe. If you can find a period fiction by a good historical writer, you truly feel taken back in time and have an understanding of where these stories come from.\


carole said...

Hi Karen:
Welcome to the land of blog : )
I have no idea how I found you yet i looked at your website and the onesies are darling.
Great luck in all your endeavors.

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Welcome to blogging! And congrats on your business!

I was in Venice last fall and it was truly MAGICAL!

I don't have any more babies, mine are 7, 16, and 19 so I don't need onsies, but I will remember you for friends that still have wee ones!