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Sunday, August 12, 2007


I am surely the QUEEN of BLOGGING GOOFS! First off, I have to say sorry it took me so long, secondly, I have been feeling very sorry for myself, thinking that no one was looking at my blog..... I learned today that I have to approve the posts!! I can't tell you how happy I was to see FIVE whole posts!! Shabby In the City: Thank you for your encouragement. I've been very busy getting my line of baby wear in a showroom in Los Angeles, and this weekend marks my first show!! Yeah!!! I have a new design that I'm quite partial to and will list a photo of tomorrow. You'll see that I'm obsessed with Royalty.
I have spent so much time working in my studio......OKAY, my bedroom!(i JUST LIKE TO SAY STUDIO.), swattin some new breed of mosquitos that has manged to breed near the wetlands at my house. They are like Ninja squitos. They are very aggressive and bite during the day. Ordinarily mosquitos don't like me, but these don't appear to be picky. I realy wish we had air conditioning, because my husband has made me keep doors closed. Yucky Yucky!
If you love these crowns, I just listed them on my ebay store. I'll have more up tomorrow and my new baby design. I really do value all of your support and feedback. Thanks!


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Hi YOU! Working under terrible conditions with ninja mosquitos.

Instead of having to approve posts, go in and change it to "word verification" or whatever, that way we just type in a few letters we see in the box, and you don't have to manually approve.

LOVE the Crowns!!

Mary said...

Hello Karen Eileen - glad you found me and now I can enjoy your blog. Love, love, love Italy - did Rome and Tuscany a few years back and hope to visit Venice/Lake Como next year. Such a fabulous country - the scenery, the food & wine, the shopping, oh my, Florence was amazing. Fave part was staying in the Tuscan hilltowns, including Cortona where Frances Mayes of "Under the Tuscan Sun" fame lives part of the year. So glad you had a marvelous visit too.

Good luck with your new venture - the baby items are beautiful. Michele, a very good friend of mine here in Raleigh, NC is also a designer and has a baby/childrens' line - you can find her at

She may have some tips for you regarding marketing. She used to have a local shop and made gorgeous women's clothing, hats, home items etc. Now she has two youngsters and has been concentrating on kid's clothes/items the past few years. Her blog is great for new Moms.

Enjoy blogging - you will meet many, many interesting women - and yes, it is addictive!

Sorry about the mosquitoes - they love me unfortunately and I spend the Summer months fighting them off just about 24 hrs. a day so know what you're facing.

Great to "meet" you.

Vicki C said...

eeek! I thought Nebraska mosquitos were bad! lol
Love your T design.. and love your puppy!