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Monday, September 10, 2007


I am new to blogging. I can spend hours in the blog maze. Once I started at all of these beautiful & inspiring spots and ended up at U2's drummer's blog. I am amazed at how many people and businesses have a blog. One that I am so glad I found was "Every day is a Holiday". One of Jenny's beautiful art pieces now grace my home and I look forward to many more. You will love Charlotte too, along with all of her other goodies!!

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cityfarmer said...

Hi and nice to meet you...thank you for such sweet comments....Mexican Vanilla us a thick thick essence of the bean that pours out of the bottle like molasses....I used to have friends bring it home from their trips to Mexico....then I went for a long time not having...just in the last monthe I found a deli/market in the Chicago burbs that was selling large bottle of make a huge difference in baking and adds a richness that I cannot explain.

chat soon, I hope