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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor Day Pains/Happy birthday, Michael!
Michael ,my eldest was born on Sept 2, the weekend of Labor day, 1988. Although I had no Labor, (planned C-section, spare you the details.!) they certainly make up for it in all of the worry while growing up.
There are so many stages of your children growing up. I remember knowing month-to-month what should be happening. Now it's my turn. He is grown up and I have to go through the stages of letting go some and starting to live my own life with my husband like we did before thay came. It is a sad and wonderful time for me.
There are many of you sweet creative bloggers out there that I'm sure can relate to a time of channeling your energies into other things.
Being a mom is such a selfless job, I think that's why we don't really notice that our thighs are heavy and really believed that God did make baseball caps for bad hair days, and doesn't everyone eat standing at the kitchen sink?

My Karen Eileen Designs is taking off a little more now, and I look forward to having more time to sit and write on my blog as well as read and adore all of your beautiful photos. Thank you all for keeping me inspired!!

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

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