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Friday, October 5, 2007

The Fenians

The Fenians at the October festival. The autumn season started out with a tradition in Huntington Beach at St. Simon & Jude. Every year the entire neighborhood looks forward to this, (catholic or not), and has a great time of eating, rides, seeing friends and gathering to welcome in the Fall season. The Fenians. Always fun and frolic. Visit their website: and have a listen the their fun style if you haven't already.

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Sandy B. said...

Sounds like fun! Again, love the cute graphics. I left a note about you and your design business over at Quill Cottage, thought you might enjoy the grapic I used. May I also offer a creative suggestion? I noticed that your e-bay store and design store links are intermixed with other neat stuff on your sidebar, may I suggest that they be moved together closer or at the top of the sidebar for easy accessability? I have found that I tend to pop over to someones business when I see that their links posted in a prominant place. Next grandbaby you get my order!

Sandy B.