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Monday, January 14, 2008

Party Girls.


Mary said...

I love your party girls...cute!cute! I chose your site as "creative site of the day" on my site.

Carol said...

OK, Dear. Let me tell you about the fun craft swaps...well I will just email you that information then you can check out a site on my blog

ta, ta,

Jillian said...

Hi! Pretty little books. I found your site by way of Carol's! I see you have not done a swap either. We should challenge each other to do one this spring! :-)

I had the Jane Austen quiz on my blog for awhile...I was "Anne Elliott." But something happened to the code and it disappeared. So, now I have the Wizard of Oz quiz on my blog now.

Have a great day!

~ Jillian

Miss Rhea said...

I love your sweet little journals, who wouldn't want to receive one of those !! I am having a giveaway, I hope you come sign up !!