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Monday, March 17, 2008

An Irish Blessing to my little blogger lassies!

Everyone Loves an Irish Girl!

An Irish Blessing from Irish Barbie. Everyone is Irish today. I grew up feeling a little confused as to what exactly I was.....I'm Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvainia Dutch. Basically, Scottish German. From what my father had told me in the past and all of my Kirkpatrick relatives, there was a huge Scott community in Ireland of which we are from. And in case you never heard of Pennsylvania Dutch...German. My grandmother's relatives came from Ireland and the other side is from Germany and both settled in Pottsville Penn.

No matter what your heritage I am certain that it's traditions and memories flow through our blood. I am convinced of this for whenever I hear Celtic music I get goosebumps, I am always drawn to Irish and Scottish events and even took Irish dance for a few years. It's music captivating . There is so much emotion that I feel when I listen to this music. I love Irish stories as well. And of course the accent of Scottland is my favorite of all.

I play almost nothing but Celtic, classical and Gospel music in my home. It is music that inspires me. Takes me home, even to a home I've never been to. I believe that our Heritage is like a living part of us, and not to compare us to little doggies, but I know there are certain instincts that are bred into every purebred, no matter how many generations pass-- it lives on. I think we have that as well, and to me I like to think of my ancestors giving me a great big lassie hug whenever I get goosebumps from hearing a soul-searching irish melody.
Now my tummy is full of Corned beef (lots of mustard) and cabbage. It's off to bed and maybe the little leprechaun that has stolen my comments from my blog will put them back. Sorry if I haven't written any of you back. I have a little oops someplace that I haven't figured out yet.


Tracie said...

Hey, I'm Pennsylvania Dutch too!
Ever have Slap Jack or Shoo Fly Pie?

Anyways, is there a way to get one of those lovely bottles, or are they all gone? I love them sweets.

Especially the Sacred Heart one...

Oh belated Irish Blessings to You Karen Eileen.

I so know the I should be doing... On your blog. I should be doing so many things it made me go that's me!
My Petite Maison

avalonrosedesign said...

Oh! What a wonderful post! I'm a little bit Irish, I think only about one eighth (I'm mostly Scandinavian), but it's the heritage that I'm most drawn to. I get goosebumps looking at photos of Ireland and listening to Celtic music too. Thanks so much for sharing!


Pink Icing on the Cake said...

I'm not even Irish, but oh how I love celtic music, especially Celtic Woman.

LeAnn :)