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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Historical Fashion

click on photo to pay a visit!
Most of the photos are from this wonderful magazine. It is so much fun to visit,and a great place to start your collection, as most of the photos you see are actually for sale!!
I adore the fashion of long ago. Painful as it might have been, I am in awe of its beauty and craft. The delicate weaving of the lace and velvet-covered buttons.

the painful secret to a small waistline

I have gone several times to the re-enactment of the civil war here in my city. I love to stroll along admiring the beautiful hoop skirts and bonnets. It truly is the closest you will ever come to going back in time, as we all wish we could, just for a day to wear and behold all of the beauty of fashion yester-year.

I adore feminine attire. I think we've come so far into "revealing" what's under the lace, that we've forgotton that lace is half the beauty....

These victorian wrist gloves are the latest addition to my antique fashion collection. I love lace and velvet. What could be better than the two together?

Maybe it is the movies I've loved over the years, or just the history, but it is truly a love that I know will only grow with time. I am enamoured with the thought of who wore this; to what occasion and what was the world like for her back then? I imagine these items as being treasured pieces that were cared for tenderly and cherished for years. It's like owning a piece of history.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of the re-enactments. Please do. i used to think it was all about the war, which sadly will always be the largest sacrifice our country has ever made in lives....but it is also about a step back in time, to visit the Northern & Southern camps and see how our countrymen lived; to have a sassparilla and listen to the men in character as you pass and to see the beautiful fashion in all its glory.

Fashion that you just want to touch. Timeless beauty & elegance.


Tracie said...

Hi Karen Eileen,
I love the feminine attire too (with leaving something to the imagination...). Love the corset, so pretty.

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Karen,
love all your pictures of the romantic pieces of a time long gone. Are these all photos of what you have? Those socks and that long red (velvet?) cape...just the look of the old days. So, how about the look of the old days and add to that staying at a lovely place on Mary Jane's Farm! double fun!

Lori said...

oh my gracious!!! your collection is STUNNING!!! i love that gorgeous corset...WOW!!!

KaReN EiLeeN said...

Thank you for visiting. I completely left out my links. Trying to put them back this morning. Only one of my beautiful photos are from my collection. Be sure to visit Victoriana Magazine on line to view, even purchase any of the rest to start your own collection

Karen Eileen

dede warren said...

What a scrumptious blog you have. Everything is so beautiful and feminine! I love your style, and can't wait to spend more time visiting you here, and at "Open Studio".

wendyhumphreys said...

Hi Karen! So nice to meet you last
night at Nancy's'. I absolutely love
the pretty romantic cloths.
Your site is such a treat to look
at. Talk to you soon
Wendy Humphreys

Miss Sandy said...

I want to don that lovely lacy pink blouse and swish around in that red velvet cape! Thank you so much for showcasing these fabulous fashions and the gloves you added to your collection, stunning!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Love all the pictures. So very beautiful. I am a totally enamored by all the sweet, lovely garments and the lace gloves and lovely purses.sigh.

I know jeans are cool, but they don't even compare. at all.
xo Lidy

Tracie said...

Hi Karen Eileen,
Come by when you get a chance. You've been away for a while, probably doing all the things I should be doing - well, they're on my list! I was given something and would like to pass it on to you and your creative blog.
Happy day!

Glenda said...

Hi Karen
Found you through Tracie.
What a pretty and inviting blog you have. I really enjoyed the tent camp. It reminded me of Out of Africa. It's very romantic.
I'll come back and visit again sometime.


Gilding the Lily said...

What gorgeous things, and what a marvelous publication! I was captivated looking at it all...Nancy

Jen r. said...

Great things! I love the lace and frills.Jen R

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Karen,

Thank you for viewing my blog.

You truly do love antique clothing.
I am very fond of the pink dressing jacket.

I noticed that you also like Audrey. I love her as well. In April I posted how to recreate "Breakfast at Tiffany's" decor in your home. Pop on back sometime. It seems as if we are kindred spirits.

Have a blessed day!