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Friday, May 23, 2008

Did I say Summer was a few weeks away? That was yesterday

Today was the day I was going to take photos of items for my new Etsy store....until this......

My new puppies experienced their first thunderstorm. I don't know which was worse...the barking or the thunder. We VERY seldom get thunder here in Southern Calif. It felt like the end of the world... Hail in MAY?

I know that our weather has been the envy of all of you chilly gals in cold states lately....well, you don't have to feel jealous any longer...

Snow on our local mountains? Ski or Surf?

You never know what to expect with a lot of rain in calif.
There were tornadoes in an adjoining county!
The wind was definitely a factor.
Just two days ago I was at the beach with my cousin and his family visiting from Nevada. It was a little windy......not this windy.
I'll be posting soon with prettier photos.


FrenchGardenHouse said...

It's a crazy thing, isn't it? Just two days ago you were at the beach, and now it's raining. yikes. Happy weekend, friend.
xo Lidy

Mermaid Queen said...

Wacky weather we're having here isn't it? The wind was crazy today, and it actually got kind of cold. Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care,

Tracie said...

Yes, it's weirdo weather!

Last weekend it was 105 here and today it's raining.

Happy long weekend, Karen Eileen (hope those puppies are cozy today!)

Miss Sandy said...

I am so sorry to see such damage, we live very near what is called "tornado alley" in our state and we have been swooped by three times in the last few weeks. It has hit both north and south of us causing devastation and even death. We have been blessed not to have receive any damage. My heart and prayers are with those who sustained damage. I am glad you are OK.

Mary said...

So sad to see the pics of the devastation among all the beautiful things shown on your blog. I hope there was no loss of life and that So. Cal., and all the areas in the country that have recently experienced terrible storms, will stay safe from now on.

We always dread the hurricane season here - being hit so hard by FRAN 9 yrs. ago has made me fear it happening again. Nature can be so cruel at times!

Take care - Mary.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my goodness ..that is so scary
We have been safe at least
despite the ugly weather.
Smiles, Deena