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Monday, May 19, 2008

The quiet before Summer

These last few weeks before Summer are here. The morning Sun is a little warmer; the garden needs a little more time in the morning. I love getting out early before the heat, the puppies are running around, but Abbey knows how to spend these last few days we have alone... doesn't that sidewalk look comfy?

I remember getting out of the pool as a little girl and laying on the hot felt so good.

Summer's almost here....


Mermaid Queen said...

Hi Karen Eileen,
I remember walking barefoot on the sidewalk during summer too. Such wonderful memories. Love your new baby design. Take care, Martha

Jillian said...

Oh I LOVE summer! I'm just about as excited as you are. We lived close to the beach when I was young and I remember all of the sights and sounds (and food) of the boardwalk.

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Karen
Love your baby stuff and can't wait to see your store. Your business must be so exciting! Hope you had a great Mother's Day with your family and that they treated you like Queen :)
(a vintage queen that is!)
You sure are busy..puppies too? How many? I can barely handle kids & a husband..and a turtle that has survived since before Christmas...
hugs, Carol

Ruby Door Designs said...

What a truly beautiful cat enjoying the warmth of the sidewalk. She is such a pretty color, what kind of cat is she?

I love all your pretties. Wish I had someone to buy them for. Oh well, maybe I'll get a couple more grandchildren some day.

By the way, I'm Cathy's (Avalon Rose Design) mother.

Good luck with your Etsy store.

Jean @ Ruby Door Designs

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What a sweet kitty.

Living in Phoenix I prefer the fall and spring. Winters not to shabby either.

Stop by soon, I am having a give away on Monday.