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Sunday, June 22, 2008


I had my first tag. I'm a little late in posting, sorry Barb. Dear Barbara over at ELEMENTS tagged me and I've been such a busy bee I haven't returned the honor. Today is cooking hot...105 in sunny California. I am sitting with a fan enjoying the afternoon coolness of my house and having a little chat with you..

To be honest: I feel a little stuck at doing this, Not just doing it, but putting it out there in the universe for all six people who read my blog to read. It is very hard to be honest ...always thinking of what I "should" say.

Here goes:

1. List five thing on my "to do" list: Practice my embroidery (Notice I said "practice". I'm not very good, write long-overdue letters. (This should be number one)okay, now I REALLY feel guilty, I should be doing that instead of writing a "to do list." I REALLY need to get the hundreds of photos out of the TWO laundry baskets and put them in albums before I forget which child is in the picture...I'm not exagerating....I have a lot of to-do photos., After being married for 21 years I am trying to remind my husband on a regular basis of how much I appreciate him. Last but not least: 200 sit ups every day....really.

2. Favorite Snacks: Bananas with walnuts and whipped cream....yummy!, crackers, fruit, frozen yogurt with carob chips and I still Love an ice cold glass of milk.

3. If I were a millionaire: I would never do my own nails, have someone else clean my house, forget about the doggie razor that I bought and take them to the groomer that paints their nails, my car would definitely go to the "car spa" (honestly, they do call them that around here.), I wouldn't worry about the price of gas, get facials every week...and massages, travel all over the world with my friends and family, pay off my family's house and car bills, send everyone to college, rather than give donations to various charities I would love to give to families that i sought out and make a difference in their lives....see, I am not totally selfish, but I have to be honest....when I first think of being a is a little: then you. can't help it, that's the way we're made.

Five places I've lived:, West coast, Sunny Cal, The O.C., Surf City.....How boring huh? I am a true Southern California Native. I do hear that there really aren't as many of us as people who move here.

There it will probably change if you ask me tomorrow. I might say that I would end world hunger, stop racism, shelter all the homeless.....but right now I'm looking at a house that needs cleaning, doggies that need clipping, nails that need manicuring and my shoulder hurts...... AND I have a wonderful life....I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams so maybe I should just give all of my millions away....but save enough for the housekeeper.

000xxx, Karen Eileen


The Red Velvet Shoe said...

So funny to read, Karen! We'd all go shopping first, who are we kidding?????


Lana said...

Sounds a lot like my list, lol!

Have a lovely day!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Karen,

I have been tagged, too and need to get on with it. Great reading these fun things about you!


Barb said...

I love your post and thank you for playing!
I learned a lot girlfriend.
The heat is just crazy here also and summer is just starting.

hugs to you,