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Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm home. Yeah!! It is official.....I am not a Vegas gal. It is soooo nice to be back at the beach. We came home with one championship and one sicky. Nothing worse than four people in a hotel room and one with a CONSTANT cough all night. It was tough. I am certain all of the casino air didn't help that. My hubby's birthday was Sunday and he had to fly to San Jose on business. So me and the boys drove home alone, after visiting the Nike and Adidas outlets...they didn't want to go to Ann Taylor!! It's hard being the only girl sometimes. Today I will do laundry, clean, kiss my much-missed puppies and take my little guy to the doctor. Make sure to stop by to see Lidy to see what we did the day before I left. I still have a table full of beautiful things I bought. I will post that a little later.


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

There is no place like home!!!

KaReN EiLeeN said...

What a beautiful trip you had!! I loved looking through all of your photos. It looks like you had many adventures and lots of fun with fabulous food!! What more could a woman want? Glad you had a wonderful vacation.


Barb said...

Congrats on the championship. I know your boys are excited. Hopefully your son will get over that cough soon.

Can't wait to see what you bought.


Tracie~MPMaison said...

Ahh, there's no place like home (especially with puppy dogs).

Never been to Vegas myself.

Good luck with the laundry sweets. Looking forward to seeing your goodies.

Lana said...

Welcome home!!! Can't wait to see your goodies!

Mermaid Queen said...

I just got back from a trip too, and my dogs went crazy when I walked in the door. OX Martha

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Karen,

Welcome Home!
Can't wait to see the goodies you got when you were out with Lidy!

Miss Sandy said...

It is nice to have you home and it was nice to have to visit recently. I'll have to go and see just what you and Lidy have been up to!