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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heavenly Hostess will be carrying Baby Eileen!! I am thrilled. I have met CYNTHIA in the past and she is good friends with my very best friend, SANDY. A few weeks ago while my son was keeping score at a basketball game for a few hours I went to Orange Circle and stopped by to say hello to Cynthia. We chatted for a while and she said she didn't know that I sold my line wholesale and she would love to carry it!! After seing her incredible store I was more than flattered....

I left her some samples and then waited......and waited.......and waited...

First off, let me tell you that those sales reps earn every penny I pay them. I am a HORRIBLE salesperson. I really didn't want to BOTHER cynthia and thought she will call when she's ready.

Well, today I was again feeling...."I sure want to be in that store. What else can I do?" I emailed her a special flyer for a discount on her order. (No pressure, of course.)

Well, in the next half hour I get TWO emails back. She seems a bit confused, as she placed an order weeks ago and didn't I get it? It was also a large order!! I frantically looked through all of my faxes....old emails....deleted items....nothing. Now I am just waiting for her to re-send it.

I don't know what happened, but I now know why my Dallas reps have me sign and return all of the faxed orders within 48 hours. This is an account that I was fortunate to get on my own. I am glad that I can make it up to her and give her the if I'm not here for a few days....I'm working hard for Heavenly Hostess.

If you get a chance stop by her store for a visit. In my two brief visits there I could have spent all day....and everywhere around you you hear, "Oh, How CUTE!" Over and over. We are very lucky to have her first store in Orange County. And I am very blessed to be a part of it.


Jen r. said...

That skirt is so cute!

Mermaid Queen said...

Hi Karen Eileen!
Congratulations on having your line in such a beautiful store. It is a real boost to have your darling baby clothes in such a pretty place isn't it? I love her hostess aprons. Hope your new website is coming along, and I look forward to making some goodies for it! XO Martha

Barb said...

Hi Karen Eileen,

Congrats!!!! That is wonderful news and you must be so excited. I could spend a lot of time in that store. Full of wonderful things.

The yard is not mine, alas-lol.
I have offered to move in with the kids so I can have daily access.

I have a little favor. I have opened a store on Etsy and would love your opinion. It is

Good luck with your order.


My Petite Maison said...


It's a good thing you went ahead and contacted her again, Karen Eileen ~ your guardian angel was looking out for you and giving you a little push ;)

I'm off to check out the link.

So happy for you!

Carol said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! wow Karen, you are doing great, I can't wait to see that store on line if it is. Just the photos are so great, you lucky girl to have a store like that so close to go and visit and dream in....and you get to take a fun class soon too? Maybe some day i can travel out west and go to, like that "silver Bella" thing..w/all the artists..Mary Engelbreit is actually going to be there at some point this time. I have not been able to visit my special bloggie friends lately...just had to visit you especially after your comforting comments. I SO appreciate you!! Was going to ask "how's business?" before I saw your page....keep moving forward...lots of hugs to you and congratulations!
ps...your lovely photos on your blog make me smile and be inspired

Lee W. said...


Lana said...

Congratulations on the wholesale order! I'm not surprised she would want your adorable baby items!