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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Saturday, my dear friend Lidy, otherwise known as French Garden House, and I went to a friend's book signing (Crowns & Tiaras) of some friends of ours at HEAVENLY HOSTESS at the circle in Orange. Cynthia, the owner, just placed an order with me a few weeks ago and I was so excited to see my line in her store. Here we are taking a break at her busy little boutique. I am on the right, and not wearing a beautiful Apron. Here I am with Kerri Judd and Danyel Montecinos where they both sat so majestically signing their much beloved book. Don't they look great in their crowns? They were selling some of the actual crowns that we all loved so much in their book.
Kerry also brought some of her paintings (I didn't even know she painted). You can't really see it in this photo too well, but the crown painting directly behind my head I bought to take home. It says "Glory"

Here is BABY EILEEN. Cynthia put them in a suitcase, along with some other adorable items, hats and shoes..... She also carries FG& CO and their line was displayed with mine. I thought we looked great together!

Another beautiful Crown for sale and some more of my friends at FG&CO

One of my Toddler shirts, again.FG&CO. ... There were so many beautiful things to take photos of. I wish I had taken more of the store, but I was so enchanted by the beautiful crowns and the fact that I could actually SEE my product in a store....a great store, that I was a little overwhelmed.

So many beautiful things to see....More of Kerry's paintings.

Lidy and I went to dinner across the street to a great place called Gabbi's. If you have a chance go see Cynthia at Heavenly and treat yourself to a wonderful mexican dinner with fantastic service...didn't try the margarita's (driving), but hear they are the best. Make sure to try their triple-leche cheescake with caramel sauce.....heavenly.


kerryveale said...

This sounds like such a wonderful evening! And your baby t's look so good in her displays!

Mermaid Queen said...

How fun! Your goodies look wonderful Karen Eileen. I love the aprons your friend makes. Makes me want to actually cook for a change!
Take care,

My Petite Maison said...

Sounds like lots of fun (especially with sweet Lidy!). Everything looks lovely here - thanks for the tour. What was that? - some kind of leche cheesecake with a caramel sauce?? Yum!

Charmed Eras said...

Hello Karen,

I want to thank you for your visit, what a wonderful place you have here. As a grandma to a little girl I had to take a look at your website, love the t-shirts, saw one I have to order for Christmas.

I see we have many things in common, Out of Africa is my favorite movie, and Sting, well what can I say, the man is just beautiful. I have all his CD's. I will add you to my favorite blogs list, and will visit often. So lovely to meet you.

Andrea said...

Hello Karen ~ How exciting to have your baby goods in such a beautiful shop. Your baby tee's look adorable in the suitcase.

Miss Sandy said...

How exciting to see your line in the store! Congrats! What a fun time you and Lidy must have had!

Lee W. said...

A BIG congratulations! It must have been so surreal!

Fifi Flowers said...

CROWNS are FAB! Every girl should have at least one! Looks like a FUN event!