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Thursday, November 13, 2008

SaLtWAtEr sTuDio

Yesterday I dropped off a wee bit of my designs to sell at "The christmas Company." I have never attended this event that is every year at the Orange county fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, Calif. Boy, was I in for a treat!! There are many high-end wonderful vendors that sell here each and every year. My friends from Saltwater Designs had seen my line at Heavenly Hostess and asked me to participate this year The owners, Georgia and Kim are both Artists and women with such a great eye for the unusual and beautiful. I think their booth has the best of everything and feel very honored to have a place there.

Their booth is a small reflection of their WONDERFUL shop in Old Towne Fullerton. They even brought their jewel case from the store to show their wares.
They are both doggy lovers and have a darling collection of items old and new for the doggie lover. I bought an antique dog tag and charm for my best friend to put on her key chain.
And here is my little display.

I love these pins that Kim and Georgia attached on these cards. They have a wonderful selection too!
Of course, the vintage christmas decorations...
Georgia makes the most beautiful jewelry. A lot of the items were covered, as the show didn't start until the following day...I could have made an entire post of her jewels alone. She made these necklaces out of antique/vintage christmas pins.

They are also very supportive of local artists. They sell these wonderful paper doll boxes by Anita Byers. I bought one of these as well.

And lastly, another slightly out of focus photo of a part of the entire booth. I was a little hurried through my photo session as my Dh kept saying....."I think you have enough pictures, and why are you taking pictures of that? He just doesn't get it, but I still love his company and he got a free dinner at the show that they gave to all of the vendors.

My hat goes off to these hard-working women. This is a huge undertaking. It lasts for four days, starting at 8:00 a.m.. People come from all over and the parking lot is full of UHauls to carry their wares. I feel so lucky to be in what I consider the best booth there. (And I'm not being prejudiced) I will stop by tonite to see how it is going and if I need to re-stock. Make sure if you go to stop by and see Georgia and Kim. They are such fun & sassy ladies!!!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Congratulations ~ It all looks lovely. I would've kept taking photos too. Love all those jewels, tags with jewels and "the best booth in the place" ;)

dede warren said...


Can you let us know where this is being held and when? It sounds like something I'd like to check out, but I have no idea where this is, and haven't heard anything else about it.


Mermaid Queen said...

Hi Karen,
Well your display looks so cute. Where is this event taking place? I'd love to go if I can.
Take care,

wendyhumphreys said...

Karen I love your the baby clothes.
I saw them when I was dropping off
a few of my designs, and fell in
love with them.
I think the both is the prettiest
booth there too!

Lana said...

Wonderful Karen! I had already read about it at Lidy's and wanted to stop by to see your pics too!

bridechic said...

Great display and stunning work!



My first time visiting your wonderful place! Loved it.

~ Gabriela ~