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Monday, May 25, 2009

Bliss By the River

Where Daydreams begin

Ginny's little boudoir on the river. You can see the water trailing by...I wish I had sound so you could hear how peaceful and wonderful it is. A respite from the sun and the worries of life.

With all the comforts of home.

Ginny told us that SUNSET magazine has done a piece on this little spot of heaven. I think Romantic Homes should definitely come out for a visit...don't you?

She and her Hubby can stroll down to the river and choose their place to read, nap or just enjoy the every-day beauty that surrounds them.

Believe it or not....there is still more to come. I am spacing it out for pure pleasure's sake....I don't think we could handle it all at once.
Thank you again Ginny. AND... how lucky are we...we are going back in a few weeks for a visit!
Keep checking back for more of Ginny's Bliss.


Hollyrocks said...

You're right, I probably couldn't handle them all at once. Already, I feel an intense desire to spend some time in a similar home with a creek or river trickling nearby. Thanks for these photos, they truly took my breath away!

Barb said...

Heaven, sheer Heaven. I agree with you, Romantic Homes should visit.


Mermaid Queen said...

Oh my goodness, I could so easily flop down on that hammock! Beautiful place.
Take care,

Bella Dreams said...

That looks sooooo yummy and relaxing! Yes! I think Romantic Homes should visit! I think IIIIIIIIII should visit!

Mary said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today! As for feedback on miniature donkeys...they make an ideal pet, they are lovable and don't require as much care as other equines do.
We've had them since 1999...we do show ours and really enjoy doing that. The best part are the foals. They are just like warm fuzzy puppies only bigger. If you need more info let me know.
Your blog is wonderful!!this was my first visit but I will be back!

Dori said...

What an absolutely beautiful place! Don't you just love hammocks...and twittering birds....and the sound of water? Lovely!