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Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have a camera full of photos to show from my Nevada City trip. They have to wait for a few days so that I can show you some of the beautiful dolls at Glitterfest. This was my first purchase. Melissa D. Terreck is holding her up for a photo. Technically I did ask if I could take her photo with her...and since she is a little camera shy this was my shot.....we can still see her smiling face though... She is a box as well and I will show better photos another day.

Here are two of my favorites as well above. They were a little out of my budget this time....but I will be saving for the next show. They are made from antique bonnets. Melissa has a background in fashion sure shows in the detail the these exquisite garments....

If I were a doll (or even for me, actually) I would want to wear her clothes.

NExt.... is Christy Silacci
If I were a doll I would definitely have her on the top of my list of friends. Her dolls are so imaginative and FUN!! They all have their own personalities that bring a smile to your face. Make sure you check out her website to see more of her work. I took home Liberty Girl for a friend that collects 4th of July keepsakes.

This was my favorite..."ANNIE GET YOUR RADAR GUN" Notice the drink cap for the helmet?
She has a radar gun in the back.
This was a wonderful day spent with my dear friend Lidy and making connections with new people and networking for new ideas for my own line. I am going to be working with TWO of these fabulous artists for products for my new website that will be exclusive to Karen Eileen. I will be carrying more than just baby very soon.
Check back soon for some you-won't -be-sorry-you -came-by photos of the best sites in Nevada City!!
Hugs & Glitter,


FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thank you for so much fun! You are a dear. Didn't we just have the absolute best time? I love your new girl. xo moi

Mermaid Queen said...

Looks like such a fun event, I'm sorry I missed it!
Take care,

T said...

I was blog hopping and just had to click on the person who used a similar profile pic to me :) (of course, your blog has been around longer... so I'm fully cognizant that I'm the copycat...)

love the blog :)

wendy humphreys said...

How much fun to see you at Glitter
fest! You looked great too by the