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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Aren't these beautiful? I wanted so badly to bring flowers home for my garden.... Ginny's Fun little greenhouse.

Fun little farm. I want to go there! (30 Roc inside joke)

Clever girl...VIntage Jack in the box table.....I remember those tables and swivel chairs. Ginny added a vintage door for the table.

Of Course....Teacups on a windmill!..

Her charming and polite way to say "KEEP OUT".


Bella Dreams said...

Tea cups on a windmill? Too cute! I have a greenhouse, somewhere along the line it turned into a junkhouse. That beautiful picture makes me want to clean it out!

The Tattered Cottage said...

Karen Eileen -
Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog. I so enjoy meeting new friends! I'm glad I was able to save you from housework ;) Us girls have got to stick together! I hope you don't mind but.....I have been here visiting for like an hour!! I LOVE your blog! Especially all the fun pics in your sidebars. Lucy is absolutely my favorite "Vita-Meta-Vegimin"!!! I always thought my mom looked like Lucy, lipstick painted outside of the lip line & all! I'm definitely adding you to my favorites and I will be back regularly!!

Anne Marie said...

well, aren't you just totally cute!
thanks so much for all your lovely comments on my blog...I'm so glad you stopped by, but even better that I stopped here :) that lake house looks AWESOME!

Barb said...

Hi Karen,

Your friend has a great sense of humor. She is my cup of tea.


Roxanne Steed said...

What a GREAT- FUN blog! All my favorite things & llamas, too!!(I think it's true- great minds think alike) :-D Cheers, Roxanne

KayEllen said...


Oh my goodness I love every pic!!!

what a darling post:)

Have a blessed Sunday!


Estela said...

how adorable!! I especially love the teacup windmill

Federica said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Sweet as a candy and follow me!

Your blog is soooo cute!

vicki archer said...

That sign is so cute, xv.

boubou said...

Bonjour ! first time i come across your blog , so im gonna visit now :) well if you wanna bes inspired by one of my collages or just dream, come and visit my blog :)
a bientot!
Boubouteatime xx

ps : your header is absolutely beautiful !

easytravel said...

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