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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nevada City

Just as I promised. Here is the beginning of what will be a few posts on my wonderful trip... Here we are. BFF's since High School. Me & Sandy B. Upon my arrival the day was gorgeous and being my BFF/more like a sister....she knows what I of them is chickens.(me on the left) So she called up her sweet friend Ginny (who is a little camera shy). who has a beautiful home and garden on Deer Creek (Don't ya just want to have a place on DEER CREEK? I do.) and asked if she could bring her garden, chicken loving friend by to see her lovely, cozy grounds.

Just a five minute walk from Sandy's we come upon the Ginny Farm and this is the first thing I see. Her lovely henhouse. Ladies Only. No Roosters allowed.

Isn't this a cozy little chicken cottage?

While they chatted for a while us chicks got acquainted. These are her stunning FRENCH HENS. I had never seen them in person...aren't they beautiful? They are very big too!

I wanted to make sure you could see the size difference. Here they are next to her silkies...she only has French & Silkie. (Sounds like very expensive hoisery). I have had silkies and they are so sweet. Their little feet look like they are wearing fuzzy slippers.

I may be a city girl, but even I know you don't have to have a rooster to have eggs.

And look at this beautiful brown french egg! Perfect for French toast!! oui oui...
In a few days I will have more photos of Ginny's screened in bedroom on the river, complete with chandelier and cozy bedding. (Sunset magazine did a story on her cozy cottage a while back.)
Until then....


Kylie said...

Just gorgeous, Karen Eileen. Blessed with lovely friends (who live in lovely places!) Kylie x

Sue said...

Great blog, full of so much stuff, I really enjoyed it!
Take care, Sue
(Country Roads)

JoMo said...

Ahh! Chickens! So much fun :0 Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!

Rose Charles said...

lovely chickens :-)

Rose XXX


HI Karen
OH how fun and you look so cute and happy with your friend(:)
Love the darling chicken house and chickies too..
big hugs,Patty

Leslie said...

What a charming little chicken house. I can't wait to see more!

sandy b said...

Looks like you have a fun BFF! Hee-hee...
Can't wait to see you in June and have margie's on Deer Creek with Ginny!!!

grrl+dog said...

well... I did not know you dont need roosters!

I see your future child there... how adorable.

Barb said...

What a wonderful trip you had. You know, I can see you with some of those gorgeous chickens.


Mary said...

Love your blog!! You are so creative!!!
I love chickens to but we decided not to have any more cause they loved my flower beds too much...:)
I had to choose..the eggs or the won.