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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Inspiration for Motivation

Right this very minute I am supposed to be working on : A: my website; B: getting orders ready; C: my laundry; D: the list is waaaaay too long to list. Found these wonderfully inspiring and heart-warming goodies on ETSY. I will do anything to keep from working some times. I need these posted in BIG letters above my desk. Maybe I could get a pair of those blinders that horses wear so that this is the only thing I see... Love the sentiment of this. Being a mother makes us better people, doesn't it?

This is why you have to drop the laundry basket when inspired.....

THIS....just because it makes me smile.
Love this. Although I think Brittany Spears and Maddona tried the accent...don't know if it worked for them.
Stop by Three lambs Graphics to see all of her lovely~funny art.


Rose Charles said...

lol love your funny pics :-)

i need some of the signs on the first one for myself!

Rose X

Kimberly said...

Hey Karen, thanks for today I had a great time. I felt very encouraged today by you. Check out what I have done so far at filledefleur-flowergirl. Call me if I made any big blunders...........Kim

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love all of these - and yes, sometimes we will do anything to avoid what we have to do!
i love the "keep calm" poster!