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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A little Break

On the road for a little while. Going to Seattle for a family visit. Wanted to share with you some photos of my favorite berry. Ollaliberry.

This is the second season for growing. Last year I had a small bowl full.

This year I can actually make a house sitter will get to enjoy this bounty.

Show you some photos of my wonderful trip when I return.


The Momma said...

I have presented you with a blog award!
See it here

Kimberly said...

Oh Karen how I wish to have a berry vine like that! There is an inn up in Cambria that you must visit sometime! Have a wonderful trip and your babies are doing great, do not worry..............Kim

Lynda said...

Beautiful photos! Yummy berries! Love your blog!

Sue said...

Hi Karen,

Your blog is so cute......I love it. I hope you have a nice break in Seattle.

Cassandra said...

Oh mu goodness what beautiful inspiring photos! Your blog is amazing! Thanks for sharing with us. :) Cassandra

Clelia said...

I love berry. They remind me when I was a child.

If you are courios and want to read my blog, thre is an English version.

Every comments are welcome.


Clelia said...

ps. I agree with you

A friend is more cheap ( and effective) than therapy :)


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Hi! I know you're on vacation but just discovered your interesting blog and have signed as a follower. Hope you come visit when you return. (Really love your blog and am looking forward to your vacation photos!)

KayEllen said...

Oh yum!!!
Looks so pretty:)
I will be right over for a slice of pie....


wendy humphreys said...

Karen....those berries are making my mouth water.
Hope your having a wonderful time!

p.s. Love the cameo on left side
of your beautiful site.

wendy humphreys said...

I missed the Paris Flea...
I heard it was good.
Welcome back!

Anonymous said...