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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where we come from

When my family and I went to Seattle & Spokane....we went to a wedding and to visit family. We stayed with Family in Spokane and my husband's aunt & uncle had photos of their son's wedding on the wall that were captivating. I love the time-honored traditions of every culture, but these photos because they relate to my children and their heritage spoke to my heart....they were taken on behalf of the bride's parents who are from Japan and wanted their daughter to marry in traditional attire. The groom is my husband's cousin.

Don't they look like they are from another place and time?

Eventhough my children are also Scotch-Irish & German, their name is Japanese and that is the Heritage they most embrace. It is a proud and very honorable lineage to come from and I am blessed to be surrounded by these people and their strong sense of family and generous hospitality.


Kathy2eggs said...

Lovely photos, and so nice to know your children are interested in learning more about their heritage.
My son is just now getting interested.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

They are beautiful!!


Those are beautiful photos! Love them. It's a wonderful thing to get to know about your heritage.