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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lounging on a Sunny Sunday

Working upstairs I heard a bowl scooting across the cement. Guess who? My Hubby left his gate open and Henry was helping himself to some coffee grounds intended for my roses.
I wonder if he would be faster......

Since I just took a photo of Henry I decided to share some of my little backyard world. We have a small backyard (California Real Estate!) and recently took our grass out and put in gravel. It took some convincing to my hubs that it wouldn't look like an old parking lot. I think it is quite nice. AND saves water. Which is very important since I have two sons who shower numerous times a day! We recently had a cozy dinner party at our home and everyone wanted to hang out here. With candles at night it was very nice...and cool in the Summer.

"Here Henry......have some grapes instead."

The first Hydrangea to survive in my yard. I am so happy it's blue. There is a caterpillar on one of the flowers. Every year they come and evolve on my passion fruit across my deck. The plant looks hideous with caterpillars all over it, and I have to sweep the droppings....but then one day.......beautiful butterflies all over the garden!!!

I don't usually plant orange in my garden....This is one rose with two different colors....couldn't resist.

Every Garden needs a Garden Angel....She watches over my labor of love

The first of my apples to ripen. Even if you have a small yard you can fill it with fruit trees....I love to pick a fresh lemon, basil, or tomato from my garden.

A little peek at my everyday life.
Not that exciting....but worth every minute!


KayEllen said...

Good for you!
love to hear about friends taking time out for family and relaxing.

The patio looks wonderful:)

Enjoy your getaway at home!


vicki archer said...

It is a beautiful garden space Karen and I just love your angel....I am sure she will watch over your flowers and plants, xv.

{ L } said...

That turtle is so cute, lol! :) And I know I've already said this before, BUT I love your blog title/header! :)

Also, I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested:

Stella said...

What a peaceful place to sit and relax. And your own turtle too. Lucky girl.