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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sunrise ~ Sunset

I have an affinity to old graveyards. I love the reverence, the detailed sentiment. Just knowing these were all people who were loved long ago and perhaps no one comes to visit them anymore.
The past, dark and colorless looking at the vibrant life that goes on around it.

I imagine these once filled with flowers that loved ones brought after church on Sunday. A day of rest...a day with family....even those who have gone ahead of us.

Entire families.....year by year........laid to rest together. Everyone so young. Life was shorter then.
One thing that stood out in my mind was the absolute detail of time we just say from 1932-2009 etc. They counted, the months, and days. Somehow reading them is an honoring of sorts. Most of the women didn't even have their names on their stones....they were always listed as "wife of" "mother of". We had a different definition then. We were definded by those we married and brought into the world....and sometimes if we never married....some said "daughter of."
It really is a circle of life....a bumpy crooked circle. Live life every day. Count each and every one a blessing as they did.


We little knew that morning,
God was going to call your name,
In life we loved you dearly,
In death we do the same
It broke our hearts to lose you,
You did not go alone.
For part of us went with you
The day God called you home
You left us beautiful memories,
Your love is still our guide,
And though we cannot see you,
You are always at our side.
Our family chain is broken,
and nothing seems the same,
But as God calls us one by one,
(dedicated to my cousin Gregg who left us way too soon.....)


FrenchGardenHouse said...

This is such a sweet post. It just reminds us to live each day the best we can, and to appreciate each day as a gift! xo Lidy

Elise said...

What a lovely post - thank you ! Have a great day...

Tracy @ comfortandluxury said...

I share your fascination. On my first trip to Massachusetts, I was continually stopping at roadside graveyards and small family plots tucked into hidden areas of the cities. Reading the names and especially the dates gave me a sense of the people who came before me that I didn't get living all my life on the west coast. Lovely post.

DolceDreams said...

Beautiful...I am sorry to hear about your cousin.

knack said...

super cool post! I love the detail of your observations.....

It was so nice to have you over at knack! xo

Piney Rose said...

I too love old graveyards - I've been to numerous ones locally.

Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

What a beautiful and thought provoking post! I have always had such a curiosity for old graveyards myself. I think you just explained why I love the so.

Interesting observation about women not having their names on the headstones, I'm glad that's not the case anymore!

Thanks for the visit and I really enjoyed visiting you. You have a really fabulous blog!


Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Beautiful post...every day is a blessing.

Priscila said...

oh you have a beautiful blog!!! I loved this post!


Sassafras and LuLu said...

Hello my friend...I am back again. Slowly stopping by to visit and catch up, read some of your posts, will read more later. True about the older grave yards and interesting facts, full of love and loss! What a wonderful time away you had--a Real Blessing and time of getting re-acquainted, away from the pull of the world & everyday life.
Your post on your turtle was the greatest! Just got rid of one we had about a 1 1/2 Yrs. (water turtle) did not know gender, but figured at our rate of female in the family...had to be a gal! Good luck on finding the perfect pot-mate, wink,wink!! so funny!
gotta run, i think today was my workout video day...oh well!
Hugs, Carol

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Often when I wander through the mountains or across the pastures, I wonder if I'm walking across unmarked resting places. So many have passed away with nothing to mark their spot.