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Monday, October 19, 2009

Gardening like the Pros

Last weekend I attended a gardening seminar and I got to meet .....Pat Welsh!! For those of you that don't know her...she is like the Julia Child of Southern Calif. gardening. She was in such a hurry to leave to a wedding and I grabbed her (literally) to pose with me. And I hate having my photo taken, but with exception She is a delightful lady from England and has such a way of story tellingI took three classes that day and have way too much information to share, but I will share some of my favorites..... Always incorporate your own style into your garden. Just as you would your home. Your garden isn't that piece of grass in the front or is an extension of your home .

Gardens can serve a purpose as well as be is an example of a kitchen garden. Take advantage of those sideyards and make them beautiful. They are perfect for a cutting garden... I learned a new phrase: "Cut and come again gardens"

This is just a little photo of a space in my home with my favorite accent...chickens
Here is a playhouse that Heather Lenkin Designed.

You can go to her website and see more of her beautiful work. A lot of her ideas are very high budget.....but you can incorporate smaller versions, and her ideas of Harmony, Color and Texture can fit anyone's gardening budget.

An example of a formal garden... and her doggie. One of my favorite things to spend time with in the animals.

One of my favorites.....a rose I am training.

And my beautiful Nika.

Look how happy we are to be in this beautiful garden can see Ginny's chicken coop behind us (I featured her garden in an earlier post.)
A great example of texture and color. One of the best pieces of advice: "It is better to place a $1 plant in a $10 hole, than a $10 plant ina $1 hole......invest in your soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again, a formal garden, but you can also make it practical by making it your herb garden.

Here I am in Lake Como, Italy....strolling

Como again. The same family has been doing the gardening for this estate for over 100 years. Three little men climb up these trees and cut them all by hand.

I wanted to leave you with a few great new tips I took away from this seminar:
A garden should be a place of remembrance ( fill your spaces with items from trips, statuary of special times in your life), as well as memories from pets and family. Then years later when you are sipping that glass of iced tea in the yard you can remember that beloved pet, trip to Italy, graduation party.....a wonderful place of reflection. Myself, when someone I know loses a loved one I give them a rose to plant. A memory rose, of if they don't garden like myself, a statue (usually) an angel for their garden.
One of the speakers reminded us that so much of what we like in our gardens are smells, textures of a memory that we are usually unaware of.....I had an aha moment because my only memories of my gardens growing up were taking photos in front of my mother's roses on special occasions...always happy times(Now I know why I am determined to have lots of roses)'s fun to try to remember your own garden memories and recreate them in your home.


The Stylish House said...

This looked like a fun way to spend the day. I love learning tips and tricks from talented people. These gardens are lovely!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Okay. Now I'm seriously envious.

cottage farm villa said...

I just love to visit your is always so pretty and cheerful!! Oh, how I love the flowers in the old pink cowboy boots!!~

Holly said...

This is such a lovely post! I LOVE gardening, but I'm very limited on what I can do because I don't have a yard (my balcony, however, is covered in potted plants). I get so carried away looking at photos of gardens, because they are just so magical. My fiance and I were looking at a house outside of town on 1.5 acres, and my first comment to him was "WOW! Just THINK what an amazing garden we could have!"

Thanks for all the beautiful photos. And congrats on getting to meet someone you admire so much. It seems like that was a very memorable experience for you.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

It looks like you had a heavenly time, sweet friend. And giving someone a rose to plant, a memory rose, is such a great idea!
xo Lidy

Kimberly said...

Karen, How nice of you to share these wonderful pictures. That class sounds like it was fun. I really liked that picture of the roses and the bunny ears. What rose is that climbing up your Post?

I love to garden but have not had the chance lately. I miss my pretty garden. We will be moving soon to a garden that is tropical and I will have to learn about that since I have never been a fan. I will have to add something that reminds me of a full English garden.

Tracy @ Comfort and Luxury said...

Very nice post. Beautiful images. Love the rose you're training and wish I had the patience to do the same rather than plant a trumpet vine on my pergola as it wants to take over the patio! I follow a "garden guru" here in the I.E. who, over the years, has given me great advice for our conditions of extreme summer heat and sometimes very cold winters. Now, if I would just FOLLOW her advice... every time something goes wrong, it's because I didn't do what Sharon told me to do!

Janna K. said...

I was glad to see that you enjoyed our gardening seminar, and yes, all of Heather Lenkin's work is lovely! And I agree, Pat Welsh is a treat- I was so glad she could again be a part of our event because her talks are so fun!
From your blog, I see that we like a lot of the same things: what's not to love about Diane Keaton (my favorite- and I just got to meet her last month,so fun), Doris Day
(one of the few autographs I have ever asked for, her Cypress Inn in
Carmel is lovely and you can bring your pets!),Out of Africa- one of my favorite movies! marvelous Meryl
and yummy Robert Redford, just to name a few. Plus I am a shabby chic kind og girl, too.

Sorry I did not get a chance to meet you (I was the one who introduced Heather Lenkin at the seminar). Hopeing everyone will join us next October at our 8th
annual Orange County Master Gardener's Fall Gardening Seminar!