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Friday, November 27, 2009

What I am thankful for......the day after

My first ever turkey....26 lbs. (those are herbs above the wing....I know it looks burnt.) The day was wonderful....I felt as if I had finally graduated from UEWS (University of Entertaining without stress). I made everything...except rolls and vegetables for 17 people. I am usually quite the stress queen and honestly never seem to completely enjoy myself for fear that something might not be "perfect"

I read in Ina Garten's book that the most important part of having your guests enjoy themselves is being a relaxed and gracious hostess. Have you ever been to a home for dinner and you almost feel like you are imposing because the hostess is so worried. You think no one will notice, but they do. (and "sorry" should never be a word used at a dinner party") Everything is just as it was meant to be.....

The girls were happy. We were happy. I made wonderful Pear, Ginger martinis....yummy! And most of the dishes were made the day before, the oranges filled with sweet potatoes, pecans, brown sugar & maple syrup....and a dollop of marshmallow cream on top; stuffing with sausage and apples.
My sweet sister in law came over and we peeled potatoes, watched "Emma" *Gwyneth Paltrow version, and just had a wonderful time looking through magazines, checking the turkey and visiting until people arrived. It was a beautiful, warm & sunny day here in Calif, and the best part was I enjoyed myself every minute.....and I know they did too.
Hope you all had a wonderful day of giving Thanks....and now on to.........Christmas!


{ L } said...

17 people?!! Yikes, well done. It sounds lovely. Happy Thanksgiving.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The turkey looks delicious and the day sounds lovely. Happy Thanksgiving.

Holly said...

That sounds like a lovely get-together! I'm sure your family was very grateful to have such a delightful, stress-free hostess. The turkey looks amazing, did you save any for me? ;-)~

camilynn said...

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SweetAnnee said...

Oh honey that turkey looks yummy.. We didn't have any as my hubby only eats fish
and seafood..

and LOVE the idea of Pear and Ginger Martinis ...I need one!!