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Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Chicken Wisdom

Merry Christmas to all of my Blogging friends and family....Tessy is here to remind you to just sit and rest. Take time to stretch your wings and be with the ones you love (notice how perfect Tess has applied her eyliner for her first photo shoot). I told her it was casual....but girls will be girls.........

With all the hustle & Bustle the Holidays bring... being with those you love is the greatest gift of all....and Tess & Penny are celebrating their first Christmas in Sunny California, where the rocks are warm....the food is plenty and they skys are not cloudy all day.....

Take time to Cherish..............
We will be spending time with our family (and furry, feathered friends) this week. Wishing you all a time of reflection and Gratitude for all the the Blessings in your life.
God Bless you Every ONE..


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Love the chick pics!
Merry Christmas
from Thistle Cove Farm.

Teresa said...

Oh Karen!
Tessy has just stolen my heart!
I do love me some eyeliner!
Her's is perfection!
Oh I would love to snuggle her up to my cheek!

Holly said...

How CUTE! These photos definitely made me smile. Come to think of it, your blog usually does have that effect on me. Thanks for always being so pleasant! ♥

chicroses said...

HiKaren, Im first time to your blog. Your little Tessy is so cute. I was raised on a turkey farm, which my dad raised 50,000 turkeys each year. I absolutly could be wrong because Im not familiar with chickens. But your Tessy looks like a black turkey. Not sure..Im sure I could be will go back and see more of your blog..sally