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Friday, December 11, 2009

Chickens & Cake

Wanted to share with you a few pics of my party. Wonderful food, my family....and check out this cake! My sister in law ordered it for me from my favorite bakery. Marzipan on the outside, the whistle and handle are white chocolate. Raspberry and Bavarian cream filling.....yummy. It's been one week since my party.....I like the streamers still up. Looks so festive. Maybe crepe paper streamers could be up all the time......makes the house look "happy"

My sweet husband was busy making martinis for everyone and we all enjoyed wonderful pasta, garlic boys know my heart.....they picked out two of the most adorable chicks for me
I heard chirping in the house and my first thought was that my doggies had brought a bird in......then I saw this sweet little face. There were two. One died. I have since given little Penny a new little sister. Show you pics soon. They are happy and growing so fast. It's too cold to keep them outside so we are all enjoying their company inside.
My sweet husband made the most beautiful slide show of my life....from birth, swim lessons, labor (could have done without 30 people viewing this photo of me.), but it was my story...flashing before my eyes .
He had "Isn't she Lovely" playing during the slide....I can honestly say I don't remember when I felt so loved.. Knowing that he knows me in my absolute worst.....and my story is now part of his story.......a better gift I could not have asked for.


Blondie said...

First of all, look at that gorgeous chandelier! Secondly, how sweet is that adorable bird. What a darling photo honey! Thanks for commenting on my Public Enemies post doll. The movie is great! Kori xoxo

KayEllen said...

Happy Birthday!!

That cake is sooo pretty!

My sister had a special cake made for me a few years back it is was a Brighton Purse I loved...

Sister's are the best!!!

Have a wonderful week:)
Can I have a slice of cake please?!
Hold the martini~~~

Kay Ellen

maría cecilia said...

Karen Eileen, I wish you and your family a wonderful and very happy christmas, and may next year be of happiness and much blessings to you all.
Con mucho cariño,
Maria Cecilia