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Friday, January 8, 2010

SHop GiRl

Today I am taking an order to a boutique near my home. They ordered quite a few of my dresses. It is called Lollipops & Polkadots (isn't that a cute name?) They have little tea parties there. I will bring my camera and share photos later.

Visiting stores is something I seldom do, since I sell mostly wholesale, and mostly in the South. But my Los Angeles Rep has been doing a great job in getting me in stores in my area. Seeing your product in a store is like hearing your song on the radio............ :) I'm off to deliver my wares..


Barb said...

I'm excited for you. If Jeff and Dorothy have another girl, I am looking for your dresses.


Teresa said...

Oh what sweet sweet dresses!
I adore the orange and pink together!

Lavender Chick said...

Congratulations! Yes, I know what you mean about it feeling like hearing your song play on the radio when a store wants to carry your products...

Love the dresses - precious!!

C said...

Oh my god! I LOVE llamas!!!!! You rock!!!! Llama lover girl!!!!! I want one, too!!!!! :) :)