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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Glorious Spring Surprises

I am a gardener at heart. I would rather be there than anyplace else. One of the most beautiful things about gardening is finding volunteer plants like this beautiful sunflower. I think some birds might have dropped a seed in just the perfect place and mother nature did the rest.Sometimes we can spend so much time and money on "helping" things to grow....and then the world reminds us that we have nothing to do with it....
It is time to make some Summer hats for my shop. (If I can keep from wanting to wear them myself) Hats a re a big part of my everyday life. So many people say that they recognize me by my hats.....I have a love for hats mostly because I love being outdoors....and living near the beach it is just so much better for you.
The true Miracles of Spring. Our Penny Hen is laying!!! Early too!! Tess hasn't had one yet, but she is carefully taking instruction from Penny so that when her time comes she will be ready. My dear husband has been busy building me a studio in the garage so the chickens are free-range until bed time. Penny has taken to having her little babies on one of our cozy patio chairs. Sort of like the nicest LDR room at the hospital. She has a nesting box too....not quite as soft. When we have their little sanctuary all built I will have to find a way to cushion her spoiled little bottom.
This is one of the roses that I purchased at a nursery that was going out of business. We got there late and it was in a row with some other very sad looking roses. I think it feels like a puppy from the pound. Truly grateful to have a home.....and thanking us with its glorious blooms...Aren't they beautiful? And the smell....yummy!!! All of my roses are doing so well this makes it all worthwhile, but I still wonder if I have anything to do with it.


farmlady said...

That "pound puppy" rose is beautiful. It's thankful to you and it's giving back.
I too believe that volunteers are the best surprises in the garden.
A gift from the earth..., or a bird with a plan? Who knows. It's all wonderful...

Sandra said...

Aren't volunteers wonderful? Can't wait to see the sunflower when it's open.