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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


HARD TO BELIEVE...SHE WOULD BE 84 TODAY. We will forever be curious and fascinated by her beauty and her charms. Maybe it's the sadness that keeps us close to her. It is hard to understand how someone so beautiful could have been so lonely in her life.

Years ago when I was a court reporter, I was taking a deposition in a high-rise on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. At lunchtime I looked out the window and told one of the attorneys that I might take my lunch down to that pretty little park. "That isn't a park, it's a cemetary" someone said. So unusual. Small, hidden, no signs on the street. He said that is because a LOT of famous people are buried there and it's sort of a secret place. I took my lunch down there and began walking around.
A lot of the headstones were very old, early 1800's even...then I saw Natalie Wood, Dean Martin, Mel Torme, Dorothy Stratton (the playboy model that was murdered by her ex-husband), the little girl from Poltergiest, Burt Lancaster.....and too many others to remember, but the one I will never forget was Marilyn's.
She was entombed in a wall, alongside many others. You would never even know it was her grave, but for the hundreds of letters, flowers, photographs that people had sent of themselves with writings of, "Everyone says I look just like you," To passionate love letters. You could pick them up and read them if you wanted to. Joe Dimaggio had a bench placed in front of her grave so that he could sit there when he came to visit.
The groundskeeper said that he removes items sometimes twice a day every day from her grave. After all this time. It is so funny in our culture how we put celebrities in a whole other untouchable. And here they all my feet. I don't know quite what I took away from that experience, but I did feel a little almost star struck....knowing that Dean Martin was six feet under where I stood.. I just love him. He reminds me so much of my father and that was the music played in my home growing up.
Somehow when you admire a famous person you always have a little dream of....maybe some day I will meet them. Maybe it seems hard to believe they are gone because we still see them on TV, in magazines, movies....unless you die a legend like Marilyn who truly does seem to live forever......


Shabbychicdiva said...

I did a Marilyn post today also. Hard to believe huh. She would have been beautiful today I believe!! Have a great evening. Winona

The English Writer said...

I don't think anyone will forget her - Shabbychicdiva, I read your post and it was wonderful too, thank you ladies x

Barb said...

I can't believe she would have been 84. I remember that my aunt cried when she heard the news on the radio.
Such a sad life she had (I think).

Thank you for such a wonderful post.

big hugs,

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great story, Karen. I can just imagine you there, enjoying it and taking it all in. xo

Holly said...

This post is wonderful! I am such a huge Marilyn fan, and I really enjoyed your story about visiting her grave. How sweet that Joe DiMaggio sat there right next to his love, even after she had passed away. I've read many biographies on her, and I just think it's so tragic that they didn't end up together. My opinion may not matter much, but it seems so clear to me that they belonged together.

Anne said...

What a nice post. That was pretty neat how you were able to see all of the stars grave sites. I would just like to add that I think that it also was the mystery that Marilyn Monroe had about her that people are so drawn to her. Even to this day like you have just mentioned.

Sandra said...

London is consumed with Marilyn; she's all over the place! She was beautiful, wasn't she?

Lisa Loria said...

Nice to find you.
Your Blog is beautiful!
Thanks for following mine!