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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Magic In Vegas

Last week I drove to Vegas with two friends. One is opening her own boutique and the other was a friend that we eventually named "Nanny Dorinda" for she was the keeper of the valet tickets, name badges and just overall ring leader. (Good person to have when you are surrounded by sooooo much fashion overload.
As I have mentioned, I am opening a new store on line. I am no longer wholesaling. When we arrived at MAGIC (Women's wear Daily) to check in for one of the biggest shows on the West Coast....we were checking in at different terminals when my friend noticed that the screen facing the person I was checking in with was all "RED" as in "terror alert high," Do not allow admittance." Whereby I was told it would be $500.00 for my entrance due to the fact that I had mentioned that I sell wholesale.....after losing a few ounces of sweat and lots of pathetic looks....I was allowed entrance as a "guest" of my friend.....

This is how I usually roll... not cool for fashion show....
Once gaining entry it was like the heavens parted and I was walking on snow white carpet with white leather furniture and stunning chandeliers. (Cameras not allowed, sorry).... as I walked down the aisles (which were MANY) it was sensory overload of stunning models wearing lines in front of booths that proudly displayed photos of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and mostly other people I didn't know....wearing their lines.
After many hours of looking I placed three orders: Purses , Overnight bags & some fun, beautiful jewelry... one of which is this romantic line with the perfect combination of rustic and elegant....

And as anyone who knows me will attest....I heart them. So, of course, I will carry purses and bags...this is one of the Over-nighter bags that I ordered from Atenti bags.
I must admit, it was a challenge to keep focused. I saw my friend going through it on a much larger scale (due to her brick & mortar boutique).... To stay true to what you try to buy what everyone else will like.... I needed to remind myself to follow my passion. I want my shop to be filled with everything that I LOVE and hopefully you will too!! After all, isn't the best part of finding something we adore sharing it with our friends....or being so happy with a gift you bought someone that you can hardly wait for them to tear the paper off?! That is what I thought of when I bought each and every item.
So there lies my first lesson in ShopGirl 101.


Little Leslie said...

I hear ya. I go to the LA show, and get crazy. But, this Jan. I only bought 2 lines. journals, and the cutest vintage looking pin cushions. Anyway, good luck with the store. If you want to see the pin cushions, go to my blog. It's an older post, about 4 posts ago, in Feb.
Take care,

Little Leslie said...

I bought journals too, but they are the covers of old books made into a ring binder. I haven't gotten shipped yet, so I don;t have pics yet. take care.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Looks like a great trip.I love bags and purses also.

Kay Ellen said...

so glad you stopped by!!

Sounds like you had an amazing trip & show in Vegas:))

love all the pics!

Kay Ellen

Denise said...

We had a retail home decor store and it is very difficult to predict. I'm sure everything you ordered is beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by.