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Sunday, March 20, 2011


So few times anymore that we are truly present...just to enjoy the smell, sound of our surroundings. Doesn't it seem as if our thoughts are being stolen from us by the day-to-day and minute by minute reminders and lists that are constantly at our fingertips and ears? When was the last time you went someplace, did something and left your phone at home? How often I see people walking early in the morning while on their phone....
Must we always be reachable, everyplace at every moment? My goodness, it seems difficult for most people to sit through a single movie without texting at least once. I went to Glitterfest yesterday with one of my dearest friends and she saw my phone in the car and asked if I was going to take it.... "No, I said. ALmost feeling a little guilty for being out of reach for a few hours.. Whatever happened to being with who you are with? I don't know about you, but I never answer the phone when I am with someone, unless it is my children, and then I tell them I will call them back. Most of my close friends do the same, but it amazes me when I see a group of high-shcoolers and they are all texting other people.
It seems almost impossible to escape the reachability of our lives now. Even if I choose to just be in the moment, not on my phone....everyone around me is talking...talking.....usually without a notice to anyone around them....
I hope we don't forget what it is to be alone with our own thoughts, or the quiet company of an animal we love.. or tending the roses without another thought in your head....these are the treasured moments we are losing by constant chatter.....find out what it is in your day that tunes out all of the noise and gives you the peace that you so much deserve. Live a day in the life of Tasha Tudor, or imagine life on the prairie and enjoy the simple solitude that only a beautiful garden or beloved animal can bring. Spend an hour with a furry friend, take a walk together, or put a cozy kitty on your lap and just enjoy the peace that comes.... And put your phone in a drawer where it will be when you need it. xo


Recycled Rita said...

I totally agree! My family freaks out when I do this but we need to enjoy life, as it is, uninterrupted! Did you come to Robin Dudley Howes spot at Glitterfest? I was there selling with her!
hugs! karen....

Just a Girl said...

I love your blog, it looks like it would smell good if it were tangible, if that makes any sense! ;D All those pretty roses!

I am in my early 20s, and my husband and I often go for coffee/walks on the weekends, and I always choose to leave my phone at home on those days. :) It makes it so much easier to enjoy the beautiful sights, smells and even tastes around me without distraction.

I have just begun a blog (I already have another private one), and would love it if you'd stop by sometime! :)

~Just a Girl

lilabraga said...

so agree with you!
I hate mobile phones for this reason: I need my quite space!
love your blog!