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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Shopping for fleas

There really aren't too many things that get me as excited as shopping at flea markets with a friend who is just as happy to be there. There is never a thought in the world about what you are looking for, which makes it all the more fun when you find things like these:I have collected ephemera for years. Love these pics of sport girls.
This was a must have for me. An antique jewelry cleaning kit, complete with sawdust.
And this beautiful box that someone lovingly hand painted inside and out!

I love bowls. These dough bowls have seen many years in cozy kitchens.
I just love these, don't you? One is marked and one isn't. The unmarked I am told is even more valuable.

These will all be in my Etsy store today, so if you would like to take a peek, come on over.

1 comment:

Thistle Cove Farm said...

WOW! I believe I've got several of those unmarked bowls; I'll have to check. My house is vintage but then, so am I -wry grin-.