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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winner Winner Chickens' making dinner

Love my girls and they are such hard workers. I made them some of their favorite treats: oatmeal (not cooked), raisins, blueberries, flax seed and crushed eggshell....yummy! They get to be free-range in our yard just before it gets dark, that way they go back in when it is dark and leave less amounts of fertilizer for me to pick up.My friends all save cartons and when I have a dozen to give the lucky person next on the list gets fresh eggs for breakfast!
Aren't they pretty all in a row? They are french blue/green, aka Easter Eggs. It is the breed. Arracuana (sp?) is the name. They are very docile, quiet and great pets.
This is the freshest it gets. No running here and the yolks are BRIGHT. Having hens is really a lot of fun. THey love to follow me around the yard hoping for a worm tossed their way, but unlike all of the photos I see of hen houses in magazines and blogs......they are messy. Adorable...but messy. I have yet to see any chicken doopies in a photo, which is amazing because they drop gifts about every few seconds. I try to tidy up every day and then every few days clean out the whole henhouse. I never knew that chickens could be such good if you could only potty-train them.

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